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Modular Component Systems LLC. is the dealer for numerous Life Science and Pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers. We sell, service and install numerous manufacturers equipment lines and accessories. Some of our equipment manufacturers include the following: 


Beta Star Sterilizer Co. Inc, a division of R-V Industries.


Matachana USA Sterilizers, Benchtop sterilizers, Glassware Washers, Parts, and 



MCS Modular Custom stainless-steel wall systems, single side, double sided, insulated, etc. These are custom engineered turnkey solutions to your Vivarium/Sterilizer division walls.


ETC Sterilizer Co. uses MCS to install sterilizers for them, especially if the project is a turnkey solution. We have completed projects for them in various states and continue to have all close relationship for their steam sterilizer group. 


STEQ Inc. uses MCS for various Pharmaceutical and or specialty equipment requirements. They particularly like the fact that we will meet all their turnkey or special requirements and they need only deal with one solution provider. 

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